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TEDxPatras 2015
What is the cost of ideas that can change our lives?
Spiros Zafiropoulos
Spiros Zafiropoulos is an IT teacher of Lifelong Learning. He studied Physics…without being sure why…at the University of Patras and continued his studies at the University of Birmingham in Computer Science. At some point, Spiros discovered the important things in life, where the individual good occurs through the common good. If he was a hero at author Samarakis stories, he would have opened an Office of Ideas. He finds exciting the conception of a new idea, especially when it can become reality and have an effect on many lives. He loves creating new words firstly because it tries to connect them to collective voluntary actions and secondly it brings Google in an “awkward” position! Based on these values of collaboration, creativity and imagination, he is participating actively in voluntary groups, in many of which he is a founding member.

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