About us

TEDxPatras is the leading platform for ideas, creativity and innovation in Western Greece. It aims to highlight and promote the idea of TED to the regions’s audience. It is a self-organized standard TEDx event and is operated under license from TED since 2014.

TEDxPatras focuses on sharing thoughts and valuable experience from the fields of Science, Technology, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Arts. The Talks will be held by people, who realize their dreams, overcome obstacles, surpass themselves, and evolve. Apart from the ideas worth spreading, TEDxPatras intends to trigger discussion and networking through Workshops and Live Broadcasting, that will be conducted in parallel with the main event.

Throughout the whole process of setting up the event, the value of volunteering and team spirit will be promoted, giving an opportunity for locals to be part of the experience of organizing and carrying out a TEDx event.

The Team

Co-Founder & Curator

Giannis Altanopoulos

Giannis serves as Curator and Co-Founder of TEDxPatras since 2014. A TED enthusiast as he has attended several TEDx events and the TEDFest 2018 in New York (an annual gathering of TEDx organizers from all over the world). He is currently a member of the Communication and Innovation Support team at Athena Research Center. Giannis holds a MSc degree in Marketing and Communication from Athens University of Economics & Business and BCs in Business Administration from the University of Patras. He has also worked as a marketing manager, digital marketing specialist and marketing advisor. Giannis, also, is the Executive Director of Patras Science Festival which aims to create a communication platform between science and the general public while contributing to the dissemination of new scientific researches. Giannis has built up competencies in project planning, marketing strategy, media content, community management and digital marketing. Furthermore, he has participated in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University of Patras and he has attended an online program about Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies from University of Maryland. His research interests include Science Communication, Social Entrepreneurship and Brand Management. Giannis is actively engaged in volunteering and participates in initiatives to communicate innovative ideas and science. He loves playing piano and composing music.

Communication Team

Apostolos Anastasopoulos

Apostolos Anastasopoulos was born and raised in Patras in September 1991. Moved to Athens to study Communication at the American College of Greece.  Now, after a pass to other local media, he has been working for two years in the newspaper “PELOPONISSOS” as a journalist. He is member of Communication Team of TEDxPatras.

Venue Manager

Kostas Andreou

Social Networking Coordinator

Stamatia Androna

I was born and raised in Patras. From an early age, I loved literature, the rich, full of twists and turbulent Greek history and ancient mythology so in 2011, I’ve decided to combine my two loves and during the endless classes in the Department of Philology of the University of Patras I found my passion, the study of ancient Greek and Latin literature and Anthropology. In 2016, I’ve graduated with distinction and I’ve immediately enrolled with honorary scholarship in the department’s master program. Since then, I’ve made much research and some publications on the religion and anthropology of the ancient world. Currently, I am focusing on the philosophical aspect of the erotic literature during the Second Sophistic movement which is going to be the field of my future PhD. In 2015, I had the privilege to be an intern in the National Hellenic Research Foundation, to be also an alumna of the Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University and to participate in many of its activities. I have work experience on lexicography, blog and magazine editing, secretary assistance, coordination of conferences and summer schools. In 2017 teaching came as a surprise and since then, being a tutor and associating with kids and young students became a blessing and a fascinating adventure in my life! My greatest dreams are to have the perfect soundtrack in every moment of my life, to travel and taste the world while capturing it with my camera.

Finance Manager

Constantinos Vassiliou

Constantinos holds a degree of accounting from TEIPAT. He works as an assistant accountant at Acoounting & Tax Solutions Ltd for 5 years. The feeling of volunteering started from the Olympic Games Athens 2004.

Community Developer

Maria Vgeni -Panagiotopoulou

Charmed by the beauty of numbers was the reason Maria studied Mathematics. Being a curious person she didn’t restrict herself in the specific scientific field but she tried to broaden her horizon. So, she has acquired an MSc in Information Systems and she is currently studying to acquire an MBA in management.

In the same time, she started working in the ΙCT industry and today she has 20 years of experience spanning from SW engineering to Project Management.

Always keen on volunteering Maria is supporting various initiatives aiming to help people to expand their knowledge and views. Under that prism, she is contributing in TEDxPatras.


Diagoras Marios Vougas

Diagoras was born back in 1993 in Patras City, GR. He studied at the Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering Department of the University of Western Macedonia. Proud Member of World Scout Movement and inspired by computers’ revolution. His Thesis Project was about open data and how Cloud Services can work together with Open Knowledge principles. Loves music and doing activities in nature, especially cycling and hiking. He mostly captures landscapes at his hiking adventures and enjoys minimalism in the city through the lenses.

Head Of Logistics

Eleni Gioti

Eleni has worked in several sales departments and has done secretarial work for many local companies, based in Patras. She has been Volunteer in many activities, in and outside Patras, through groups and companies of mainly cultural interest. This experience brought her in contact and then led her on the path of co-operating with organizations of events and performances. She has worked on a variety of theatrical productions, in cooperation with professionals and amateurs, from all over Greece. Since 2015 she has been working in the theater Epikentro+, as co-ordinating producer, assistant director in adult and children’s performances and as a school coordinator. During the Christmas period 2016-2017 she worked for the organization, staffing and coordination departments of the Patras Christmas thematical park “Magical Village”. Since 2017 she coordinates the demanding field of logistics in events such as Patras Science Festival and TEDxPatras.

Speakers Communication Manager

Alexandra Goudis

Alexandra was born in Manchester. She studied Financial & Business Economics at the University of Essex and she currently lives and works in Patras. She co-curated the first TEDxPatras 2015 ‘Sea of Voices’ and since then she is proud to be part of the TEDxPatras team. Her personality is based on her artistic aptitude and the gene of shyness. She loves nature, travelling, oil painting, choosing oldies music for her radio show, reading books at her favorite café, Italian cuisine, hats and her precious dog.

Experience Team

Giannis Grigoratos

28 years old accountant, loves bicycling, book reading & socializing. Second year in ted-x core team as financial expert, ready to live the dream!

Floor Manager

George Daniil

George Daniil was born in Athens in 1997. He is an undergraduate student of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Patras. He works as a researcher in the Network Architectures and Management group of the University of Patras. Beyond his academic interests, he is actively engaged in volunteering. He has been president of the European student association EESTEC for the Local Committee of Patras. Ηe was qualified as a soft skills trainer through seminars in Sarajevo by eestec training team. At the same time, he is a volunteer coordinator at PatrasIQ for three consecutive years and he is the Venue Leader in the TEDxPatras.

Gift Bag Queen

Magdalene Demartinou

Born, grew up and living in Patras.Studied law at Kapodistrian University of Athens.Work as a freelancer lawyer.Collaborations with Groupama Insurance Company , Social Insurance Institution , EFG Eurobank-Ergasias,Deposits and Loans Fund.Accredited Mediator of Ministry of Justice.Coordinator in out-of-court mechanism.Certificate in GDPR.Deputy member of Central Mediation Commitee.
Have a daughter.
Love new things,movies,books,travel,friends,teams.Always learning.

Experience Tribal Chieftan

Thanos Zitouniatis

Four things I am grateful for: (1) My son is a better version of me, (2) My best friend is my wife, (3) My friends know me better than I know myself (4) My job is actually my hobby. Most other things are trivial.

IT Manager

Panagiotis Kavadias

Panagiotis Kavadias is a fourth year student at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department at the University of Patras. Panagiotis has participated as a volunteer in local events and since 2019 he is member of TEDxPatras Core Team as IT manager. He loves reading, hanging out, having new experiences and making new friends.

IT Guru

Vasilis Kalavrouziotis

Born in 1987 in Patras. He studied as an undergraduate and postgraduate student at Patras University in Computer Engineering and Informatics Department. Since 2015, he is a PhD student in the same department with an interest in studying and implementing applications using the Internet of things. In 2014 he started his own IT company based in Patras. Since 2016 he is professionally active in Athens. He has collaborated with the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL Link) at the National Technical University of Athens and the academic Library of the University of Patras. At the same time, he participates as an active member to volunteer projects and conferences (TEDxPatras, ELAG 2017 etc.). He is interested in innovation in technology in order to make people’s daily life easier.

Blog Editor & Storyteller

Maria Kantani

I am a primary school teacher, graduated from University of Patras and huge ESA fan and astronomy enthusiast. I have been involved in various projects regarding Space Awareness and Space Education. I consider myself a devoted bookworm, coffeeholic and sea addict. Exploring all kind of mysteries with my students is best part of my day. I attended my first TEDx event at TEDxPatras 2017, then I got too excited to let go. So, here I am…

Experience Peaceful Stream of Crystal Water

Ilias Karachalios

Environmental Manager with Undergraduate Studies at University of Ioannina and MSc in Environmental Conservation Management, certified educator ( secondary education / adult & special needs) and PhD candidate in the field of Environmental Education. TEDxPatras core team member since 2016 / Experience Team. Active volunteer in various international projects, travel addicted and ice cream lover. Happy to be part of this family…

Volunteer Coordinator

Antonia Katrimpouza

Born in Athens but with her heart shared between Patras and Paris. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Department of Primary Education of the University of Patras. She introduces herself as a teacher who keeps world’s future in her classroom. Her two great loves are nature and travels. Finding “people” the most original source of motivation, she never misses the opportunity to participate in the organization of events aimed at ideas worth spreading.


Alexandros Kikinas

Alexandros Kitinas raised in Patras and discovered the passion for photography at a young age in his uncle’s photo shop. After he studied at AKTO, in the Graphic Design Department, he started working as a photographer in various projects. Among others, stands out the one that led him to volunteer in Ghana. Now, he works with his team in the field of advertising. For Alexander, the greatest source of inspiration is travel abroad, from where he always returns with more experiences.

Experience Eye of Hawk during Dusk

Eleni Kondyli

Eleni spends her working days as a quality engineer in the fieldwork of bridge maintenance. When not working, you can usually find her exploring the little inspiring happenings in town or planning the next trip.

Food Experience Coordinator

Maria Kontogiannatou

My name is Maria Kontogiannatou, I was born in 1994 in Patra, Greece.
I graduate of department of business administration of agricultural enterprises and food stuffs. Now i start to do my master in training of human resources. I am also a volunteer in TEDxPatras 2016 events mainly on the part of Food experience, after this i achieve to be a member of core team in 2017 and 2018.Travelling is something that gives me great pleasure as you get to meet new people, learn about different cultures and customs. Also I enjoy reading and taking part in any sort of activity.

Experience Team

Nasos Koskinas

Nasos is the CEO and founder of POS4work, the Innovation Hub that introduced the coworking model in the city of Patras. In collaboration with the University of Patras, founded the incubator “reSTARTUP Patras” where 25 new startups have been born so far. As a mentor, trainer and business developer has led many startups to their success stories. Nasos is also the co-organizer of the annual tech summit “Patras Codecamp” and the social entreprenership program “Social Bus” in collaboration with the non-profit organization IntermediaKT and the US Embassy. Furthermore, he is the facilitator of “Startups on Air”, the monthly event for the local startup ecosystem with the support of PatrasIQ. His work to promote entrepreneurship and innovation has been recognized from several organizations, companies and the media with noumerous interviews and references. Just Google Nasos Koskinas.


Dimitra Koukidi

Speakers Coach

Adriana Koulieri

Adriana was born in Athens in 1992. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Communications, Advertising and Public Relations (Services Management) at Athens Universtity of Economic and Business. She splits her time between Athens and Patras, where she is working for a concert promotion and production company. From 2012 to 2016 she was a volunteer radio producer and music columnist. Also, she has been actively involved in Public Speaking events as a core team member and speaker too.”

Experience Wise Grasshoper

Dimitris Kouniakis

“My belief is that educators carry the responsibility to shape children’s lives.
Fascilitating the learning process and empowering students to shape their own future is what gets me out of bed every morning.
I have been an English teacher (TEFL-Teaching English as a Foreign Langauge) for over 20 yearsand an EFL School owner, Public Speaker and Blogger.
I have always had an inner desire to make an impact on Education.
My educational approach is that based on Experiential laerning and TALL (Technology Assisted Language Leraning) and through a wide variety of teaching methodologies I offer my students as many life skills as possible while at the same time having as much fun as possible.”

Logistics Ninja

Giannis Koutoulogenis

My name is Giannis, I’m from Zakynthos and I’m currently student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Patras. I love volunteering, meeting new people and making new experiences! It’s the third time I’m participating in a TEDx event and during my free time I’m also interested in reading, playing football and hanging out with friends.

Stage Manager

Anthie Krili

I am 23 years old student in University of Patras. I ‘m studying as an Electrical and Computer Engineer. Since my first year of studies, i have participated as a volunteer in University events and local cultural teams. I was a volunteer in TEDxPatras 2015 and 2016. The idea of such a culturally beneficial event happening in our town is so exciting to me and i am glad that today i can help bring it to life once more. In my free time, i enjoy swimming and water-polo, as i have lived in pools all my life.

Social Media Team

Ioanna Kosta

Ioanna Kosta studies at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department at the University of Patras. She works as a Performance Engineer and her hobbies are theater, dance, gym, YouTube and volunteering. TEDxPatras  is an opportunity to broaden her knowledge for the Digital Marketing sector by participating in a voluntary initiative in combination with the motivation of the people of today’s digital society.

Registration Princess

Olis Lagopanagiotopoulou

Olis Lagopanagiotopoulou was born in 1997. She is a student of the chemistry department of the University of Patras. She expects to give her best in order to contribute to the effective  organisation and integration of TEDx Patras. In this year’s TEDx will be at the Registration.

Logistics Ninja

Kostas Lampropoulos

I am Kostas Lampropoulos and I have been living in Patras, Greece for all my life. I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Patras and I received my Diploma degree in 2003 and my PhD in 2012. I worked for 2 years (2003 -2005) as a Firmware Engineer in the WLAN Group of Atmel Hellas, part of Multimedia & Communications Group of Atmel Corporation. I am currently member of the Network Architectures and Management Group of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of University of Patras and project manager for EU projects with special focus in Cyber-security and Digital Identities i.e. CIPSEC, SMESEC etc. I have also been member of various standardization bodies like ETSI and ITU-T with contributions in the area of Digital Identities Management and Identity Discovery. In my free time I play basketball, watch movies, listen to music and travel with my family.

Social Networking Coordinator

Anna Natsvlishvili

My name is Anna Natsvlishvili and I’m Marketer. I’m in love with tech and innovation, especially what regards to startups.

I have three years of work experience in the Marketing field. I started to build the brand for my own company in 2015 in a startup named One mind and after 8 months it makes an exit plan to In4capital Ltd. I’m a co-founder of Growth Mindset, a startup that disseminates the ability to adapt to difficult situations and get them done. Growth Mindset deals with educational workshops through gamification to children, students, adults, and businesses.

Because of my growth mindset, I couldn’t stay uninvolved in such a growth mindset event like TEDx. My duties at TEDx Patras referred to social media, I’m a social media manager on Instagram, on LinkedIn and on Twitter. I have almost three years in TEDx Patras, the first year as a volunteer and the last two years as a core team member. Now, I can say that I’ very happy and honored to be part of this team

Sustainability Manager

Lena Dagouli

Lena Dagouli studies Architecture in Patras and loves the books that give her inspiration and motivation. She has perseverance and patience, she is eager both to imagine and create as much as to help make any idea happen that  will make this year’s TEDx unique.

Experience Roar of Hungry Bear Eating Fish

Alexis Pantziaros

Alex is obsessed with research and in love with unfamiliar knowledge, so his life became a strange journey since he was a child. His first stop was in the chemical engineering sector as a bachelor and master degree where he solved a problem on olive oil mill’s wastewater, but It wasn’t enough for him. From 2015 business world mesmerized his mind.”

Registration Princess

Eleni Papadima

I am an undergraduate physics student at the University of Patras. I was a volunteer in TEDxPatras 2017 and last spring I was involved in ADVENTRUREXVIII. This time it is my honor to be part of the TEDxPatras core team and it has already been one of the most rewarding experiences of my 21 years on this planet.

Content Team

Anna – Maria Papastergiou

Anna-Maria Papastergiou is an undergraduate student at the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Patras. Her interests are in science, art and philosophy, logic and aesthetics. Her first contact with TEDxPatras was in 2018, as a volunteer.


John Paraskevas

I am a physics student with a passion for photography and videography. Even though this passion started as a hobby, I feel lucky enough to doit professionally. My role in TedxPatras 2018 is making videos about the event.

Community Developer

Marina Perivolari

I adore travelling, getting to know people and learning new things. I like walking in the city and discovering corners and hidden spots that I hadn’t noticed before. I like order, knowledge, book as content carrier, but as an item itself.
I believe that knowledge is power.
I am a librarian and I work in the library of a research center. I love my work. I have a degree in librarianship and a Masters in cultural management.
I attended TEDx Patras two years ago and I was enthused by the sense of value of knowledge and innovation I felt. That’s why I wanted to see how this event is built

Blog Team

Evangelia Petta

Evangelia Petta is a graduate of the Department of History and Archeology of the University of Athens and a postgraduate student in the field of Cultural Management. She is also involved in the design of educational programs in Museums and loves theater. About TEDxPatras, she believes that it is the ideal environment to tell stories in a context of free expression, creativity and originality.

Photography Team

Marina Skembetzi

Marina Skembetzi is a student of Architecture. Her occupations are photography and creating new design ideas. Her aim is to highlight this year’s TEDxPatras by properly designing the venue and imprinting it on the lens!

Community Developer

Konstantina Somalakidi

Konstantina Somalakidi is a MSc. geologist and specialized in geosciences,

environmental decontamination and clay mineral nanocomposites. She is a member of

“Refene Patras&quot” theatrical team and a member of the artistic movie creation team

“KP Edition Films&quot”. She is working at STEM Education, an organization

involved with educational robotics, science, technology, engineering and

mathematics. She is also a track and field athlete and enjoys travelling. TEDx Patras

gave her the opportunity to communicate and interactive with many different people.

UX Designer

Konstantinos Spiliotopoulos

My name is Konstantinos, I am a UX designer specialising in Usability research and Conversion Rate Optimisation. I have a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Tech enthusiast and passionate about great design, I always enjoy a mug of coffee with good friends.

Media Man

Iasonas Tsolis

Civil Engineering undergraduate. Radio Producer and Head of Communications in UP FM – University of Patras Radio since 2014. News editor for some of Patras’ print media and radios. Radio presenter and program editor in Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (E.R.T), journalist and TV host in IONIAN Channel. Born in the city of Epidaurus, he could not but love theatre.

Simulcast Event Manager

Yiannis Fradelos

After being a TEDx-er for three years now, I come to the conclusion that…I really enjoy it! When I’m not a TEDex-er, I’m a Civil Engineer, but if you want to know more about it check my LinkedIn, I am not adding boring stuff here
My part in this great team is to make our voice overcome the (physical) borders of Greece once more!
Looking forward to seeing again you in London!

Hospitality Manager

Elena Chronopoulou

Working as a telecom software engineer, Elena bases her work on the power of collaboration between people, saying that “it’s nice to celebrate with somebody when something works”! Holding a Master in “Education” field she deeply believes in sharing knowledge, exploring together and learning from each other. Valuing the moments of human interaction, she loves to commit herself to meaningful projects and gets inspired by innovative ideas; self motivated individuals and authentic teams. Thus, she has been involved as a Hospitality manager in the organizing team of TEDxPatras2015, TEDxPatras2016, TEDxPatras2017, and this year in TEDxPatras2018, making sure that speakers will enjoy their experience to the maximum! In her spare time, you’ll more likely find her enjoying moments in nature, either doing sports or just exploring around with her dog. She loves music, dance, skiing, running, sailing, traveling, and never misses a good glass of red wine.